Hintock Branch Where it all Began

When I think back to Hintock Branch where it all began, my mind goes back to Easton Station. This was a time long before I was aware of Peter Denny and my knowledge of model railways was limited to a tinplate Hornby ‘O’ gauge train set. I was introduced to Easton Station, Portland and behind my grandparent’s home its Sheepcroft Yard. At both I spent many a happy hour.¬† It was at Easton too and when older, I had my first footplate ride (courtesy of a kind driver) the length of the Portland Branch from Easton to Melcombe Regis (Weymouth). Never forgotten. [Continue Reading…]

Model Railway Water Tower & Signal Box

Every layout needs a water tower. I built this model railway water tower around 40 years ago. It has changed little since except that it was originally platform mounted so a new foundation was needed. It is of card covered with Slater’s painted plasticard. The hose is a length of boot lace in which a nail was inserted. It was moved to this new location to replace the Signal Box previously sited here and now on the opposite side. [Continue Reading…]

Enhancing Hintock – Small and Significant Changes

Enhancing Hintock – A touch of creative thought, some imagination and a little effort combined to enhance the charm and operational realism of Hintock. This post also illustrates what I think is simultaneously an unforeseen opportunity¬†and blessing of the modeling process: You can’t just change one thing on a fully developed model railway, and if you follow where the modeller’s sense leads, the changes, though small, can yield significant improvements.[Continue Reading…]