Hintock Branch Where it all Began

When I think back to Hintock Branch where it all began, my mind goes back to Easton Station. This was a time long before I was aware of Peter Denny and my knowledge of model railways was limited to a tinplate Hornby ‘O’ gauge train set. I was introduced to Easton Station, Portland and behind my grandparent’s home its Sheepcroft Yard. At both I spent many a happy hour.  It was at Easton too and when older, I had my first footplate ride (courtesy of a kind driver) the length of the Portland Branch from Easton to Melcombe Regis (Weymouth). Never forgotten. The loco was an 02, 221 and to commemorate that occasion in later life, I made this pen and ink drawing:

Hintock Branch Where it all Began - Easton Line Drawing

Pen and ink Drawing of Easton Station

Such scenes as this made a great impression on me. As might be noticed the curved platform is a feature of Hintock, as is the signal box and overbridge in the distance,and I’m sure others, tucked away in my sub-conscious.  The station building in particular for it is modeled on that I knew at Easton. Below I’ve provided pictures showing the station building in some detail, and the signal box, and signal:

Station Building at Hintock

Station Building at Hintock

Hintock Branch GWR Model Railroad Signal Box

Hintock Branch Signal Box and Signal


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