About Me

John Flann on his deck behind his house, Smithfeild, UT

There is more to life than model railways and John Flann takes his ease on the deck of  home in Smithfield, Utah

I was born in Surrey, England. On retirement, my wife Jeanne and I immigrated to the Mountain west of the USA to join our sons, Christopher and Nicholas and families resident there. (It is to Christopher I am indebted for the opportunity of this website and of his expertise, and to Nicholas for his expertise also and encouragement. And to both for my computer education.)

My interest in railways began in early childhood. This enthusiasm was sparked by family holiday journey’s in the 1930’s by Southern Railway to Weymouth and there by the Great Western Railway engines and trains with whom the station was shared.

I too was fascinated by the Joint Lines of the GWR and SR and in particular by their Joint Portland Branch from Melcombe Regis (Weymouth) to Easton on the Isle of Portland where my father was born and my grandparents lived. Travel on it had its own fascination, the engines were ex L&SWR O2’s and gated passenger coaches. There on the open vestibule I could stand entranced as our train traversed Chesil Beach, climbed East Cliff and through the stone quarries into Easton.


Those memories remain. Plus all the others of the striking scenery of Portland with its sea girt cliffs and the way of life then followed and elsewhere in the beautiful county of Dorset, and, as portrayed by Thomas Hardy.

So it is not surprising why the most recent model railway that I chose to build was the Joint GWR and SR Hintock Branch. It follows many others I built and exhibited in the UK. And, like those it has been featured in the model railway press.

Perhaps too in my later years it is a touch of nostalgia for times past, Dorset and all that my parents enabled a boy to experience and enjoy.

Please feel free to contact me.