Model Railway Water Tower & Signal Box

Every layout needs a water tower. I built this model railway water tower around 40 years ago. It has changed little since except that it was originally platform mounted so a new foundation was needed. It is of card covered with Slater’s painted plasticard. The hose is a length of boot lace in which a nail was inserted. It was moved to this new location to replace the Signal Box previously sited here and now on the opposite side. Whilst I was happy with the old location this is equally scenic as well as more prototypical in that locos can take water in course of running round thus saving a move and the Signalman can see as well as before. The building in rear is the ex-permanent way hut.

Prairie and pannier between model railway Water Tower and Signal Box.

3316 The Water Tower and Signal Box newly positioned .


  1. colin Wilshire says

    Hi, there seems to be a dead link to your water tower photo

    • Thanks Colin, I’ll check it out and fixed if need be, in due course.

      Meantime what brought you to my site, did you find what you were looking for and have you any comments or questions?



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