Model Railway Permanent Way Hut & Water Tank

It took me a long time to find a satisfactory home for the model railway permanent way hut. Initially I had a scratch built one in Hintock Station yard, but somehow it did not  look ‘right’. So I removed it and left the space vacant. (At times one has to resist the urge to fill every square inch.) However, with the addition of Sheepcroft Yard the opportunity came to install a Coopercraft hut (the only kit building on the layout), and as can be seen it suits this location well. [Continue Reading…]

Enhancing Hintock – Small and Significant Changes

Enhancing Hintock – A touch of creative thought, some imagination and a little effort combined to enhance the charm and operational realism of Hintock. This post also illustrates what I think is simultaneously an unforeseen opportunity and blessing of the modeling process: You can’t just change one thing on a fully developed model railway, and if you follow where the modeller’s sense leads, the changes, though small, can yield significant improvements.[Continue Reading…]