Welcome to the Hintock Branch

DSCN3054 Welcome to Hintock Branch I conceived and built my Hintock Branch model railway so I could operate a joint Great Western Railway and Southern Railway branch set in Dorset. And on it to run trains representing everyday workings.

This is the story; why, where, when and how. It goes a long way back, and starts with the late Peter Denny. [Continue Reading…]

The Layout Part One – The Creation of Hintock

3300 Creation of Hintock

3300 The LHS of Hintock, looking towards Port Bredy.

In the creation of Hintock, my general philosophy is theatrical performance: in this case ‘Trains at Hintock’. The baseboard is the stage, the trains the cast, the fiddle yard the wings, the operations the story line, the impresario who made it all happen the layout’s builder, and the audience the viewer. Exactitude is unimportant. All I seek to achieve is a representation. You could say the layout builder is putting on a show. This is mine. [Continue Reading…]

Hintock References and Articles

JF 093

JF 093

Hintock References and Articles: One of the reasons for the success of the Hintock Branch is its credibility. That is because it has a solid background of fact. That I know Dorset is a distinct advantage but I found also useful books about its railways. This section gives details of those and which I have found helpful, The Hintock Branch has also been featured in the model railway press and reference to those articles are also given. [Continue Reading…]