Hintock References and Articles

JF 093

JF 093

Hintock References and Articles: One of the reasons for the success of the Hintock Branch is its credibility. That is because it has a solid background of fact. That I know Dorset is a distinct advantage but I found also useful books about its railways. This section gives details of those and which I have found helpful, The Hintock Branch has also been featured in the model railway press and reference to those articles are also given.


  • Railways of Dorset, JH Lucking, RCTS 1968
  • The Bridport Branch, BL Jackson & MJ Tattershall, OPC 1976
  • Isle of Portland Railways, Vol:Two  BL Jackson  Oakwood Press 2000
  • Great Western Branch Line Termini Vol: Two, Paul Karau, OPC 1978
  • Railway Stations (Discover Dorset), Mike Oakley, Dovecot Press 2002
  • The Weymouth Harbour Tramway, John L Flann, Back Track, July 2008
  • Buckingham Great Central, Peter Denny, Peco 1972
  • Buckingham Branch Lines Part Two, Peter Denny, Wild Swan 1984


    • British OO scale railway, MRP, 2011
    • Hintock Redux, RM 5/2011
    • The Hintock Branch, BRM, 12/2011
    • Sheepcroft Yard, RM, 11/2012
    • A Warehouse for Hintock, RM, 5/2013
    • Operating Hintock   RM. 9/201300

Hintock Town Quay RM, 12/2014


Additionally, I have had published articles on earlier layouts all of which had some bearing on this current version of Hintock, including ‘Little Hintock, where it all began MR, 7/1972 and these, inter alia, are:

  • Dunnock Edge (1), MRC, 1/1967
  • Dunnock Edge  Sawmills ,  MRC, 9/1968
  • Poppy Hollow, MRN, 1/1969, 2/1969
  • Barley Dean, MRN, 2/1970
  • Train of Thought, MRN, 3/1970
  • Little Hintock. MR. 7/1972
  • Owlcombe, MT, 6/1980
  • Dunnock Edge  (2), ST, 5/82, 5/1983
  • Little Hintock Revisited, SMT, 12/1985
  • Melbury-change for Hintock, SMT, 10/11/1988, 1/1989
  • Poppy Hollow/Barley Dean, MTI, 5/6/2005


  1. David Cooke says

    Dear John
    In my teens I remember Poppy Hollow in the magazines but until now have never since been able to find out more. Is it possible to get the articles from those days
    I have recently collected some of the magazines but am missing the first article with the track plan
    an initial details It along with Middleton to Blewcote fired my imagination and interest in British Modelling . I am very interested in you current project .i am currently building a coarse O scale British layout . Kindest regards
    David Cooke
    Tasmania Australia

    • Hello David,

      I’m happy that you found your way to this Hintock website and happier still that you remembered a predecessor layout Poppy Hollow from the 1960’s. That dates us both.

      It has with Barley Dean been recently featured in the RM May 2014 and where there is a brief article with track plan and photographs. It was dealt with more comprehensively in several MRN’s of the 1960’s. If you have not found those I have copies and can scan and send them. This will take a little time. The two together, PH & BD make a good pair and formed an excellent exhibition layout. On it I ran a continuous service of trains that kept me, and the visitors entertained.

      It too was awarded the Visitors Cup at the 1969 exhibition of the Manchester Model Railway Society. In fact were I today going to exhibit I’d adopt the same format. But my exhibition days are over-and in the USA where I now reside.

      Through the years I have not gone far from the GWR branch line concept and enjoy the hobby today as much as I did then. Hintock in my imagination a real place and there I enjoy many a pleasurable hour. And good luck to you with Gauge O, that’s where I started. It has a great deal to offer.



      • David Cooke says

        Dear john
        I have tried to get copies of the magazines you mentioned and at this stage no luck on line
        If it was not too much trouble I would enjoy looking at those articles again
        I remember getting the magazines from our local library who used to take a subscription
        to the British magazines .i have looked out for them in recent years .
        My current exhibition display layout is based on The southern in the Maunsel olive era
        I am a bit slow in responding as I am in the UK to visit our new grand daughter
        Kind regards
        David Tasmania Australia

        • Dear David,

          Happy to oblige; I shall get on with it next week.

          Meantime enjoy the visit to the UK, your new grand daughter and family and have a safe trip back home.

          I look forward too to learning more about your exhibition layout. The Maunsell olive period is an attractive era.

          My regards,


  2. Phil Allwood says

    Dear John

    What a delightful layout in a relatively small space. Something along those lines would fit the bill for my next project considering the room that I have available.

    I’ve read the Railway Modeller articles and I’m a bit puzzled because the dimensions given in the RM articles is 13′ 6″ x 9′ 6″, whereas here you say that the dimensions are 10′ x 10′. Which dimensions are correct?

    Regards Phil

    • Dear Phil,

      How nice to hear from and glad you enjoyed your visit to my Hintock website. I hope you will come again. For its size 10’0 x 10’0 (correct dimensions) it does pack a lot in but still retaining that sense of space. I’m very happy with it.

      Since the RM article you referred to I have carried out several small enhancements and these were subject of a December 2014 RM article, and recently re-built the goods yard in the corner. These you can see in fairly recent posts on my Hintock thread in RMweb and that you might not be aware of. All add more to the overall atmosphere and I very pleased with the outcome.

      There is, of course, too the stand alone extension of Hintock Town Quay and that was featured in the December 2014,RM already referred to.

      Any other questions please feel free to ask.

      Best wishes, John.

      • Phil Allwood says

        Thanks for the reply John and clearing up the confusion regarding the dimension.

        I have a similar space (10′ x 10′ along two walls) available and was puzzling as to the sort of thing I could do with it. I must say that, what you have done is a great example of what can be achieved and the idea of using “stand alone” extensions is great.

        I noticed, in the article, that you originally used uncoupling magnets with the Kadees but seem to have resorted to manual uncoupling because of reliability problems. I must say that I’ve tried some Kadees on OO RTR stock with NEM pockets but found the magnetic uncoupling too unreliable (if it worked at all). As such I’ve returned to using the small tension locks which I don’t find too intrusive and, using a home made spade shaped uncoupler, easy to uncouple without needing to hold down the rolling stock. I may try modifying these couplings to use a magnetic uncoupling method devised by Brian Kirby which folk seem to find effective.

        Best wishes. Phil

        • Hi Phil,

          Yes, Hintock Redux occupies the space very nicely and is a handy size, it provides plenty of scope for operation that is my main interest. I too got a lot of pleasure in its creation and now more in its enhancements. Here the LH end improvements add so much to the open look and I’m highly delighted with the results. For it is those that led me eventually to the creation of Hintock Town Quay.

          It is my intention to write these up to add to the website. It’s something I should have done before, but, life sometimes gets in the way of such good intentions.

          I use Kadees on my American HO layout, Providence River, but there too not with uncoupling magnets as here. I like Kadees as I get the automatic coupling and better I like the convenience of being able to uncouple where I will and free from the tyranny of a magnets position. I’m just can’t get on with tension locks.

          It’s different with HTQ where I use magnets for both coupling and uncoupling. There are only three and positioned in strategic spots. And using nine wagons I can fine tune the couplings and magnet heights so as to get 90% reliability. More often than not shunting HTQ is a totally “hands off” experience. Great fun.

          I wish you well with the build and as I said, please ask if you have a question.

          Kind regards,


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