Operating Part Four – Model Railway Tips and Tricks

Everyone who owns a layout has particular technique that they think work well, here are my model railway tips and tricks. To all my goods stock I have added extra weight. They run readily enough as bought, but UK r-t-r stock as excellent as it is, I find far too light. It needs more ‘heft’. For this I add ¼ oz or 7 gm weights. These I can get readily from a hobby shop in Montana. [Continue Reading…]

Lemons to Lemonade – How a Computer Mishap Improved Hintock

Have you heard of the idiom, lemons to lemonade? A recent computer calamity left me without the means to frequent the model railway oriented websites that I am a member of (RMweb, YMR, MRC and MRG – some more than others), and perfectly illustrates this saying.

I felt a little bereft. What to do? What more natural then but to return to spending time with Hintock? And that was what I did.[Continue Reading…]