Improving Model Locomotives – Coal, Crew and Lamps

A key aspect of being the proprietor of a model railway is improving model locomotives. These two images demonstrate how the simplest of improvement can enhance what are now very good examples of particular classes of locos. The first is a Triang/Hornby GWR 27XX half cab pannier that I have possessed for many years. I cannot recall now what exactly I did but it appears I changed the funnel and safety valve cover. The other was to add a crew, coal, vacuum pipes and lamps and a fairly heavy weathering. [Continue Reading…]

Lemons to Lemonade – How a Computer Mishap Improved Hintock

Have you heard of the idiom, lemons to lemonade? A recent computer calamity left me without the means to frequent the model railway oriented websites that I am a member of (RMweb, YMR, MRC and MRG – some more than others), and perfectly illustrates this saying.

I felt a little bereft. What to do? What more natural then but to return to spending time with Hintock? And that was what I did.[Continue Reading…]