Hintock Christmas

Christmas at Hintock? How would one show Christmas or winter on a model railway that is captured in time for the season that the railway modeler originally chose in creating it? Well the simple answer is that one cannot show a model railroad set in winter if one originally chose to model a railroad set on a perfect summer’s day, like I did. But we live in interesting times in that the period for Hintock is the 1930s, when very little was possible in terms of special effects in films and pictures, yet now many films make use of computer-generated images and many pictures are manipulated through the use of image editing software such as that offered by Adobe, Photoshop. [Continue Reading…]

A Hintock Christmas Greeting

It is my treat this year to send a Hintock Christmas Greeting in the form a graphic, a wonderful Christmas card that highlights Hintock in a make believe Christmas setting,  the snow anyway. One of the greatest treats of getting older, besides the additional time to devote to one’s model railway, is enjoying one’s grandchildren. The wonderful graphic card of which I am so proud was made for me my granddaughter, Holly Flann. Would you agree with me that is some talent? And that is not her only talent either.


Hintock Christmas Graphic: Holly Flann; Picture: John Flann

While Hintock is of course set in Dorset, not normally home to coniferous forests, I am very happy for it to be moved to higher and forested climes for this seasonal picture. The snowy forest background also has the effect of channeling one’s view down the line  in a way that emphasizes the intimate nature of a model railway depicting a branch line. As appropriate, I hope Holly turns her hand to more Hintock graphics for us all to enjoy when she has time. Thank you, Holly.