The Layout Part Four – Hintock Up and Running

JF 116 Hintock Up and Running

JF 116 The LH end.

Hintock up and running presents a neat and pleasing, finished workmanlike appearance. It has presence. These pictures illustrate those so desirable features. Expressing my pleasure in a vision realized, Hintock occupies a length of wall in my home office. It is something I am proud of.

Below are bookshelves and there is no loss of space or in convenience. It makes an attractive feature.

It is as first built in Phase 1, Reference to the Track Plan and the Layout Pictures will be useful in identifying features.

Also can be seen the transformer and controller lodged below and secured by Velcro strips to the GWR green painted fascia the Gaugemaster handheld controller on its lead. Such a controller is very handy as I can readily move about and act as a shunter in such matters as uncoupling and signalman in changing the hand operated points.  Above, out of sight, are strip florescent lights and compact spotlights to accentuate the lighting in particular places.

JF 117

JF 117 The central portion.

JF 118

JF 118 The RH end, the fiddle yard to right was approached, at this stage, by a 18″ radius curve.

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