The Layout Part Three – Hintock Track Plan


The Hintock track plan is simple and prototypical and developed so as to be attractively scenic and practical. It achieves this by way of gentle approach curves, appropriate buildings and scenery. Altogether it gives an illusion of space and generates, I think, a certain atmosphere that is so difficult to capture. Of note are the number of businesses with rail served premises each of which generates traffic. Other businesses also use the railway, and these are served by the common sidings, and by using  their own carters or by the railway’s cartage services. The railway horses have their own stable.

The layout was built in three phases. First, the station area, which incorporated part of Melbury[1. A layout that I brought out from the UK built in the 1980’s, described in articles in SMT, 10/11/88. 01/89.] with a small fiddle yard approached by an 18″ radius curve, (RM 5/2011, BRM 12/2011, MRP 2011). Second, easing of the curve to a 22″ radius, adding Sheepcroft Yard, and improving the fiddle yard (RM 11/2012). Third, adding enhancements, and an enlarged Staging Yard. (RM 9/2013) The hand painted back scene has coved corners and was installed prior to any track being laid or scenery in place. Adding one later is harder to do.

To improve presentation the layout fascia is painted a GWR Brunswick green. The effect is to pull the whole layout together. Below it I added a useful shelf. The track is Code 100 and the points by Peco. I use DC and a MRC Tech4 200 transformer along with a Gaugemaster hand held controller. This adds much to the pleasures of operating. Lighting is from florescent spot lights and tubes. Good bright lighting is essential.


  1. Dave wital says

    Hi john , first off may I say that you have a fantastic layout , I first found your article in BRM Dec 2011 and have followed it, through your write up here on the net – I grew up with models of the GWR and it has stayed with me all these years to many to count – I hope you wont mind, but I would like to use some of your ideas for my layout ( only personal use ) – in 2014 I found a sketch of an alteration you had made to the station area ( at the run round end) by moving it out to more of a curve – and then I thought it was just what I have been looking for – as it now could be a through station with a fiddle yard at each end – was it just an idea you have or did you in fact change it – as I cannot find another info – I hope you do not mind me writing all this, but you have bought great pleasure over the years, reading the articles and following your progress many thanks Dave Wital Uk Norfolk

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m glad that Hintock has given you pleasure through the years as it has me also. And thank you for getting in touch.

      I have sent you a plan and some photos showing the alterations and they will shortly form the subject of a blog. And no, I have no objections to your using any of my ideas and it was kind of you to ask. The revised track plan does lend itself to a through station and that in effect is what I now have with my “virtual” extension of the Port Bredy Branch to Hintock Town Quay. That too will be the subject of a blog. Meantime I can say that it and the alterations were the subject of an article in the December 2014 RM.

      Beyond that I cannot extend Hintock further without moving it to a new location. However that is unlikely to occur. I get enough fun with it as it is and there does come a time too when a layout can become too large, hard work and then no fun.

      If you have any further comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me again.



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