Hintock Branch Videos – Southern Railway

Our inaugural YouTube video featured a Great Western Railway (GWR) train pulling into Hintock Station. You can see it here, another blog post. Now we have another Hintock Branch video. If you’ve been reading about Hintock Branch on the site, you’ll know that it is unusual in that Hintock Branch is a station on a line shared by two railway companies GWR and the Southern Railway (SR). In the video below, we provide equal time to both railway companies with a video of a train of the SR arriving in Hintock Station.

This video was also shot on an iPad 4 and edited with Final Cut Pro. More or less, the transcript of the video is as follow:

With a Southern Railway M7 in charge the 7.40 am train from Yeovil arrives at Hintock. It will then form the 8.35 am departure down to Dorchester crossing the Great Western Railway up train to Hintock at Hintock Junction. This demonstrating the joint nature of the Branch, support for both GWR and SR railway companies.

As before, we hope to create and put more videos illustrating the operation of Hintock Branch. Please check our YouTube Channel.

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