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Hintock Branch Videos? As much as a proprietor of a model railway may like to think that other model railway enthusiasts are interested in all details that make the model railway special to him or her, the reality probably is that most people are more interested in reviewing the pictures to see what the model railway is all about. And we are working on new picture pages, with galleries of the best pictures of Hintock Branch over the years. However, as much as I would agree with the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, it always makes me wonder how that cliche stands up when video is now also available. Is a video of the operation of Hintock Branch worth 10 pictures, and 10,000 words? Regardless of its relative worth, my new found comfort with all things Internet is now expressed in the video.

Here is some video that was shot on an iPad and edited with Final Cut Pro to show the important elements of the operation of Hintock Branch in real time:

Hintock Branch serves both the Great Western Railway and the Southern Railway. In this video, the GWR aspect illustrated. Here is a transcript of the video:

“Take a few moments to enjoy a virtual visit to Hintock and the Joint GWR/SR Hintock Branch. The setting is Dorset, the period the 1930’s, and a beautiful English summer’s day. The train is the 4.03 pm from Weymouth made up of a Prairie, B set and a trailing van and as it runs toward journeys end. What is evident is that the air of space and place has been captured.”

I learned a lot with this video, and put that to use in the next video that illustrates the Southern Railway aspect of Hintock. We enjoyed creating the video, and hope to capture other videos of Hintock.

If you enjoyed this video, please checkout Hintock Branch’s YouTube channel for additional Hintock Videos.



  1. Nice to see the video addition to the website John.
    I will be looking forward to more videos of Hintock in the future.
    regards (Donington Road)

    • Yes, Mick they do provide that extra dimension and I’m glad you like them.

      It is Christopher’s and my intention to provide more as circumstances permit.

      I always appreciate your comments on and interest in Hintock. Thank you.

      My regards,


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