The Back Story to One Hintock Enhancement

One Hintock enhancement expanded: After an extended period of attending to family and personal matters, I was able to spend some time catching up in my role asĀ an author by describing enhancements made to Hintock in this blog post. In thinking over my post, perhaps there is rather too much in it, in the sense that a blog post by definition does not provide comprehensive coverage, and the change to the reverse curve presages a new and important addition to Hintock to be described soon. Also, I thought the post presented the enhancements as “done deals” while modellers like to see the how, and perhaps enjoy that more than gazing upon the finished product. With that in mind, here is an analysis of my dissatisfaction with the reverse curve from start to finish, from seeing the problem to enjoying the solution.

Reverse Curve Problem: One Hintock Enhancement

The picture above provides a good angle to show the source of my dissatisfaction. With the problem in mind, a solution requires a plan, which I quickly drafted as shown below.

Plan for one Hintock enhancement: reverse curve fix

Execution is next. Here is a photograph showing the baseboard added and the track roughed in.


Lastly, here is a rather pleasing, to me, shot showing the new addition integrated into Hintock looking as if it was always there as it fits so nicely into this end view.


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