Construction Part Four – Model Railroad Kit Bashing – Improving the Ratio Signal Box Kit 503

au-2309 Model Railroad Kit Bashing

au-2309 Completed Signal Box sitting on its sub-baseboard that will be secured by a small nut and bolt.

Model railroad kit bashing is taking a standard building kit, like the Ratio Signal Box Kit 503 here, and improving it by custom modification. I use this kit bashing technique In addition to scratch building to provide buildings for my layouts, including Hintock. I improved the Ratio Signal Box by the addition of a characteristic lobby. Out of the box it is fair enough, but much enhanced by this use of the imagination and ingenuity. The following images illustrate what I did, those familiar with the kit will readily observe what alterations and additions were done, so commentary appears unnecessary. For others they will act as a guide. It is worth doing. [Continue Reading…]